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Welcome to All Saints

Welcome to the website of All Saints Church, Deganwy. All Saints is an Anglican church which nestles in the shadow of the Vardre, and overlooks the Conwy estuary.

Please have a look around our site to find out more information about upcoming services as well as the history of the chuch.

Church Open Doors When: Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 11:00am
Autumn Fayre When: Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 10:00am

Blog on Scripture Union

Peter’s sermon explained about the foundation of the Scripture Union and Children’s Special Service Mission which can trace their roots authentically to Llandudno.

First a couple of profound insights:-
  • Peter took a poll of the congregation at All Saints on 8th July and every member confirmed that they had been introduced to church during their childhood.
  • Current statistics suggest that 95% of children today have little or no contact or exposure to church.

Take those two points and where does that leave us?

Back in 1868 Josiah Spiers was holidaying in Llandudno and one morning he etched into the sand ‘God is love’. He then asked children playing on the beach to decorate his text with pebbles and shells.

He was enthused with the response of the children and so in the afternoon he told them stories about Jesus. On the following Sunday he held a special children’s service on the north shore beach. Such was the success of his venture that by the end of 1868, the Children’s Special Service Mission was formed. The Scripture Union is now a worldwide movement in over 120 countries As 24th August 2018 will be the 150th anniversary of the formation of the Scripture Union look out for celebrations here in Llandudno.

Learn About All Saints' History

All Saints is a beautiful church tucked away in the seaside village of Deganwy, on the North Wales coast. The church was built as a memorial by Lady Augusta Mostyn over 115 years ago. To learn more about the church please visit our history section 

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Find Out About The Parish Life

Members of All Saints' congregation are part of a small but active Mothers' Union Group who meet regulary throughout the year. Visitors and friends are always welcome. To find out more about the Mothers' Union and other parts of All Saints' Parish Life please explore our Parish Life section

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Come Along To A Service At All Saints

At All Saints we hold weekly Holy Communion on both Wednesday's and Sunday's as well as a Parish Communion at 11am on Sunday's. To find out more both our regular and special upcoming services, please visit our Worship section

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Meet Us

Pat Chapman Church Warden
Frank Prescott Church Warden
Our vicar at All Saints is Reverend Peter Walker. Reverend Walker is originally from Telford and  has been leading the services at All Saints since Easter 2015 along with Church Wardens, Pat Chapman and Frank Prescott.

To find out more information about our vicar, church wardens and the rest of our team please visit our Who's Who section of the Website

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